Our Story

Welcome to the Motherlode Café.

In 2010, Motherlode Provisions got its start as a company dedicated to the creation of all-natural barbecue sauces, hot sauces, steak sauce, and Bloody Mary mix. Several years later, we moved the company to Longmont, Colorado and discovered both a vibrant community and unique warehouse space primed for renovation.

Inspired, we built walls, installed windows, and hung lighting. We sanded and painted, and then we sanded and painted some more.

In 2016, Motherlode Café’s doors were opened to provide Longmont and surrounding communities with fresh, from-scratch food and a taste of our Motherlode Provisions sauces and Bloody Mary mix.

Our bottled products can still be found on shelves at grocery and liquor stores, but if it’s lemon hotcakes or home-smoked barbecue you’re craving, come find a seat at the café. We look forward to serving you!